Suzy's Bees Wraps

Zero Waste


 Suzy's Bees Wraps are a sustainable solution to your food storage and preservation needs while being earth and ocean friendly too. 

So Simple to Use


Both our flat wraps and our new food bags will help keep food fresh in the refrigerator or on the go simply with the warmth of your hands.  

Love Your Food


While protecting your food the breathability of Suzy’s Bees Wraps also preserves many foods beyond their usual shelf life!

Ditch the Plastic


 Beeswax, with its anti-microbial properties along side the natural fibers that make up Suzy's Bees Wraps creates a green alternative that is a brilliant choice over plastic wrap.

Love the Earth


Plastic wrap is known to leach chemicals and cause certain health issues. Take a step towards caring for yourself and your loved ones by ditching the plastic and wrap your food with beeswax and love!

Farm. Food. Fun.



Simple to use, good for the earth and playful patterns too!